The Primal Way: 8-Keys to Self Mastery

The Primal Way: 8-Keys to Self Mastery

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You seemingly have it all!

You're successful in business, you have a good marriage, and you're fit and healthy. You have a nice home, good friends and a strong social circle... Yet for some reason, something seems to be missing from your life, and you don't quite know what it is.

Maybe it feels like a rut, perhaps it's just that something feels a little off, or "not quite right". Maybe, it's that you KNOW there's something more you're meant to be experiencing in your life, and you're not quite connecting with it.

I know these feelings all too well, and spent years sabotaging my success and happiness chasing that elusive "something"!

Over a very long Journey I discovered there are 8 Keys that we all interact with in our daily life, and for most people, these interactions are not conscious.

Once you begin to bring them into your consciousness, everything starts to change!

Not only does the connection you have with yourself begin to strengthen, but you start gaining control and mastery over yourself and your life enters a very powerful Flow.

You begin noticing balance in the primary areas of your life:

Wealth & Abundance
Health & Vitality
Relationships & Love,

and the glue that brings and holds everything else together in perfect harmony,

Creative Expression.

This is the gift that The Primal Return offers, a life of powerful meaning!

During the Primal Return, we seek for the limiting beliefs and stories you've told yourself across your life, find the trauma bonds underneath those stories and rewrite them in ways that honor and serve our Path moving forward in life.

This is an in-depth process involving multiple modalities, and as such, we work together over 9 weeks to ensure full liberation and integration.

To book a call with CJ and gauge if this is the right approach for you, use the calendar below, select a time and let's chat.