Who is C. Jon Sawyer

Hi there,
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This is such an important part of the conversation, because this is where you will begin to get the feeling of connection with me and what I do, or not!

A little about me and my Journey through life:

I was born in Sydney, Australia and after coming of age, I served in the Australian Army. I know in my heart that I had no place serving in a combat unit because of the internal trauma I was carrying from my childhood.

Serving literally created even greater disharmony within me, exasperating my "hidden depression" and sent me down a very destructive path. After returning from deployment, I left the military and entered the corporate world, yet each time I started creating success and advancement in my life, I self-sabotaged and ran.

Leaving a wreckage of relationships, careers and friendships in my wake, I started realizing as I ran from place to place around the world that the problem might not have anything to do with my external story, rather, it potentially lay within me.

This had me launch into a Journey of self-discovery which led me from the deserts of Australia to the jungles of Northern Thailand, from the Fijian Islands to the Baja Peninsula.
During this epic, global Journey which took me into the depths of myself, I became a Credentialed Master Coach, worked with Tony Robbins, studied Inner Fire via Vajrayana Tantric Buddhism, did 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training, became a Qigong and Breathwork Instructor, studied Nutrition and Western Herbal Medicine, and did extensive Shamanic Journeying with Sacred Plant Medicines.

I'm currently living in my RV touring the United States with my wife, Lindsay and our two dogs, Luna and Bandit, exploring all the beautiful and wild places.

I only work One on One with 3 people each month, and require we connect face to face on a Zoom call to ensure us working together is a good fit prior to commencing any work.
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