Come and read what others are saying about the Primal Return Journey with C. Jon Sawyer

 "Other’s looking in would say I have it all - a happy marriage with two children, a loving relationship with family and a high profile career with a world leading tech company that has brought material success - yet why on the inside was I unhappy for a number of years?

Stuck in a rut and having felt like I had peaked, not knowing which way to turn, asking "Is this it?" Fearful of change for no valid reason, and slowly spiraling into unhappiness while all the time looking for happiness from external sources.

Then I started working with C. Jon Sawyer through his Primal Return Journey. Drawing on his many years of practice across a broad spectrum of modalities and his own life experiences, CJ's approach was really tailored to what I needed at a junction point in my life when I needed it most, and I feel truly blessed to have been guided through the 7 keys of Self Mastery by him.

CJ challenged my old beliefs and led me to unlock doors to rooms within myself that have always been there waiting for me to step through.

It wasn’t always easy and was downright uncomfortable at times to face and deal with long held trauma, but CJ expertly guided me through dealing with and releasing it, coming out the other side to stand in my own full worth and to stop living life from a place of fear, instead embracing one full of self belief and happiness from within.

I’ve seen real world changes in my own life since going through the The Primal Return and the Self Mastery process it facilitates – I’m now fully committed to completing the Marathon Des Sable, a multi day ultra marathon in Morocco in 2023 – a race I always wanted to do but was too fearful to enter, thinking it was out of my reach. I have belief in myself and know I will finish it. 

I’ve also put myself out there on social media to speak about who I am and what I do professionally - again something I was previously fearful of doing. Since doing so, I’ve had requests to guest lecture at a University and CEO’s reaching out to network and discuss opportunities – I’ve realized my self worth.

CJ helped me lay the timber, build the fire and light the match of change and to a renewed belief and self worth within me – Now, it is up to me to keep those flames burning!"

Danny. S



"C Jon is an amazing individual. He holds an incredible amount of wisdom and carries his knowledge into his work with heart and integrity.

His intuition is strong and he always hits where you need it most. From compassionate PRESENT listening to telling you like it is C Jon delivers his message with an impact that pushes through the fog of story we tell ourselves and enables us to see the truth of who we are and what we are doing.

I have been on this “ Spiritual Journey” for well over a decade now and I know in my depths that C Jon showed up in my life just at the right time. He has openly shared this work with me which has brought greater awareness and deepened my understanding of my life. I feel better physically, mentally, energetically, and in my connection with Spirit.

C Jon has created this program using his own life experience, his connection with his higher self, and years of study has made an impact in a way nothing else ever has. He walks the talk.

By following his example I am a more authentic version of myself.

Thank you C Jon for showing up."

Niki J.




"Hi everyone. My name is Caryn and I am the owner and founder of 'On The Go Talent'. I have had the pleasure of having C Jon guide me for several sessions and what I can tell you about his sessions, and the Work is that he totally holds such sacred space and there's such a sweetness about his energy. You can feel what a Soulful, spiritual guide and listener that C Jon is.

The gifts that he brings forth to his clients, including myself, to really put your Journey and trauma stories into perspective and break through those limiting beliefs that are holding you back and transmuting that negative energy. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful guide take me through these coaching sessions, so thank you so much!"

Caryn L.