Welcome to the
"Crazy Primal Guy" world!


My name is C. Jon Sawyer, and my mission in life is simple... To show you how to live your life as boldly and FREE as you desire for yourself!

It's no secret that so many people are operating on unconscious paradigms in life, paradigms that don't serve the life they truly want to be living! Often being driven by little more than a need to survive, and the experience of life shaped and fueled by the traumas experienced along the way.

What our work together seeks to achieve is total liberation from those unconscious paradigms, complete neutralization of the traumas and trigger points from the past, a re-writing of beliefs from limited to expansive, and having you step into the version of YOU capable of creating and sustaining your greatest vision of life!

All of this is done in accordance with the Laws of Nature, so unlike tradition coaching methods, nothing is forced!

Are YOU ready to get CRAZY PRIMAL?